9 Jul

Greeting friends and readers

I am Nerf 2 the otaku nerd in this circle. My nerdy obsession means my main focus leans towards everything Japanese. Since watching the first episode of sailor moon as a young girl, a steep slippery road was paved into the world of anime and manga addiction. This hobby made way for exploring Japanese food as well as other Asian cuisines. From then on, I have been on a mission to eat my way around the world. This is an adventure that I would love to share with my Nerf posse and all those that care to listen. My adventure starts here at my home base in LA, the city of smog and angels.

Outside of my nerdy hobby and culinary mission, I work in the medical field dealing the sick and dying. Working in medical field has made me health conscious about what I eat (that is a bad thing with my love of food). Seeing what a clogged artery looks like will give anyone second thoughts about that double hamburger with extra cheese and bacon. We all wish that we can eat everything wrapped in bacon and keep a BMI of 20 and not have to hit the gym for five hours a day. Unfortunately that is not the case for the majority of us. Since we can’t be model thin, we can at least make sure to avoid putting poison in our bodies by eating healthier. Every little bit helps, and I want to share some of these healthier alternatives out there for better health without needing to eat hay.

Nerf 1 (Kim) has coerced me into writing in this food blog. Although, I may not be the best of writers, I hope you will still enjoy what I have to share. This is to Japanese food and healthy eating. Itadakimasu!


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