Reporting to duty

9 Jul

Nerf 1 AKA Kim here! I’m a food lover living in sunny San Diego (originally from the ‘burbs in Los Angeles) and always on the lookout for good places to eat for cheap. Being a not-so-recent college grad, I’m constantly broke paying off my student loans and I need to fill my belly without breaking the bank. I like to cook in my tiny kitchen and according to my fiancé (“The Dude”) I’m becoming a kitchen tool hoarder.  Besides cooking and eating, I’m a mechanical engineer by day and you can usually find me tinkering with The Dude over some broken machinery. I’m a voracious reader of TRNs (get a Kindle and no one will know what you’re reading) and I occasionally play video games (600 hours on TF2 during the unemployment days). I’ve recently started traveling more around the U.S. and just got my passport so I can explore the rest of the world. First trip outside of the country will be Fiji for the honeymoon!

I wanted to have the nerfs collaborate to create this blog since we were always cooking together and talking about anything to do with food. I figured it was a great way to share our experiences with each other and our friends. Hope you guys get as much entertainment checking out our blog as we do writing it!


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