Everything But the Kitchen Sink Chili: Low in Fat not in Flavor

6 Sep

A low fat and low carb chili for everyone enjoy even if you are on a restricted diet. This is great just on its own, or topped on a potato, slathered all over some french fries, or over some corn chips. Most chili recipes call for some type of ground meat, beans, and tomato as the base ingredients. Here I have cut out most of the meat, leaving only a quarter pound of lean ground chicken. If you are a vegetarian, the meat can be completely omitted. The out come was a thick hearty chili that is spoon after spoon of comfort. I was good eating this in the 90+ degree LA weather, I just can’t wait to make this in the winter again.

I like mine topped with a bit of greek yogurt and scallions

I called this Everything But the Kitchen Sink because of the many different types of ingredient that go into making this. Here is the list

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Makes about 5 Quarts

1 large onion diced

1 C carrots diced

2 large tomato diced

1/2 carton button mushroom diced

1 C celery diced

1 zucchini diced

1 small sweet potato diced*

1 green pepper

1 Cup dry lentils *

1 Can cannellini beans ( or any other type of beans) *

5 Cups of chicken stock ( or Vegetable stock)

1 Tbs chili powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp thyme

4 cloves of garlic mince

1 Tbs flour for thickening

1/4 lbs lean chicken ( omit for vegetarian option)

* for even lower carb option, reduce sweet potato, beans and lentils by half and substitute with barely or more vegetables

Salt to taste

1. Do all the dicing and mincing, this will take some time or you can employ your minions to do if for you and set them all aside in a large bowl.

2. Brown the chicken in a pan ( I use a non stick pan without any oil, you can add a teaspoon of olive oil if desired)

3. Toss everything into the slow cooker along with the chicken stock ( or vegetable stock) until it just reaches the top, set it on high then walk away.

See the liquid barely reaches the top of the solids

4. This usually takes a good 6 hour, but I just set mine up over night and its ready to eat by morning. You can also set it up in the morning and it will be ready for dinner.

Yes, it is a lot of ingredients that is why I call it “Everything but the kitchen sink”. Trust me that this is a damn good chili, just as good as any of the all meat types you can find out there. If you do not have a slow cooker, I recommend cooking the lentils first and then cook on low heat with frequent stirring.


One Response to “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Chili: Low in Fat not in Flavor”

  1. Tiffany September 7, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    It’s time I start paying attention to my carb intake, this chili looks super tasty! As soon as the weather cools down, I am trying this…. until then, salads, salads, salads!

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