Cooking marathon: Heart farmer markets

30 Sep

Inspired by Nerf #3’s recent post I have gotten off my lazy bum and decided to put up a new post. Today has been a cooking marathon. Earlier this morning, my trip the local farmers marked gave me a well of inspiration and wonderfully fresh ingredients for dinner. As I have mentioned in previous post about the new healthy eating rules in my family, and our constant struggle to make healthy things taste delicious. Some of these wonderful produce included butternut squash, red and yellow beets, wonderfully ripe tomatoes, and Japanese eggplant. We also acquired some very fresh tilapia from the local market. With these ingredients as inspiration we have our dinner menu:

Baked whole Tilapia, Roasted butternut squash, saute beet greens with garlic, roasted beets, roasted eggplant (coming soon), and spaghetti from scratch (coming soon) for lunch tomorrow. Click on the hyperlink for full recipes.

Baked whole Tilapia

Roasted Butternut squash

Roasted eggplant









Saute Beet greens with garlic










spaghetti from scratch


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