‘Tis the Saison to be Jolly…

22 Dec

Well maybe not the consumption season but traditionally it is the brewing season for my favorite types of brew: the Saison. I remember my first rendezvous with a saison well. Like a bored housewife I was lured by the intrigue and excitement of this unfamiliar style…you, you’re new, and I’ve never had this taste in the past…

Ok, so I’m exaggerating a bit. My co-worker and I wanted to get smashed during our lunch hour; and where can we successfully get smashed and call it “lunch?”…Karl Strauss to the rescue!  Their special brew for that month was their saison and I was intrigued by the description of “floral tones” and what not (or whatever, as stated I got pretty inebriated so I can’t remember). However, what I drank that afternoon was nothing short of spectacular; I instantly fell in love with this brew.

This event happened maybe about two and a half years ago and ever since then, if I ever see a saison on draft at a bar (like tapping out the keg at Hamilton’s and getting the glass for free, score!), I must get it. What I have found is that a saison differs greatly from brewer to brewer but I still find it delicious. For the most part saisons are not very hoppy, have floral and fruity components as well as some spice and they are always very refreshing.

So for our blog I decided to hit up BevMo and choose two bottled saisons, the only requirement for choosing a specific brewery was that the beer had to be cheap. This type of brew was, after all, made on farms to give to farmhands in the hot hot heat of the summer.

Pablano and I got our hands dirty. First up was Hermitage’s 1 Door Saison Style Ale, which was very cheap (I think less than $3!). The color was an orange-brown and very clear (usually saisons are unfiltered since they are/used to be brewed in such a rustic manner on farms. The flavor was not very strong– it was pretty spicy and a little floral.


Next up was Odonata’s Saison Ale. At around $6 for a bottle it was a tad pricier however, this saison was a bit more fun. First off, the color was more golden and it was most definitely unfiltered. Because I had not thought of it at the moment, I wasn’t careful about pouring and lots of sediment was in my glass. But I let the sediment settle as I polished off my previous glass of 1 Door saison. Another thing that was different about this pour was that there was a lot more head compared to the former. The flavor was definitely stronger than the former, with some spice, a little bit of sweetness and some citrus fruit flavors (I think I remember reading that it had some pineapple in it). Very refreshing!! This was exactly what farmers wanted to do: brew a cheap refreshing beer.

But who am I kidding…I am not a beer sommelier or connoisseur I just love any excuse to drink lots of beer, especially saisons!

**Authors note: I think I still like Karl Strauss’s saison more. I will most definitely have to try Green Flash’s saison next. Beer run anyone?


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