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Japanese Inspired Root Vegetable Stew

5 Sep

Finally a Japanese inspired dish. With my father’s recent health condition, my whole family have been forced to look for different low carb and low fat meals. After weeks of boiled broccoli, I have finally had it. While I was flipping though the cookbooks for some inspiration, I came across a recipe for a daikon and chicken stew. Instead of chicken, I made a substitution with fish cakes and then added a few extra variety of root vegetables. The meal was quick and easy. If you can chop things roughly then boil them, then you can make this dish. Continue reading

Mom’s not so secret anymore cake recipe

22 Aug

So my Mom had suddenly decided she needed to pass on her own secret cake recipe to me over this weekend. This recipe has been years in the making and in my Mom’s opinion absolute perfection. I do agree it is pretty damn good cake, but it is not like a lot of cakes out there.

This cake is a variation of a chiffon cake and is more like the cakes you get from the Asian bakeries not like the cakes bought at most American bakeries. My major issues with some cakes out there is the heavy denseness, the grainy and overly sweet flavor. The texture of this cake is soft almost like an angel food cake, moist without being heavy and not too sweet. Because the cake is not overly sweet by itself, it makes a good balance for that sugary frosting that is going to be slathered all around. I find this cake to taste quite good on its own. Here are some of the pictures taken through out the process. Continue reading

Pot (not of the cannibis variety) Stickers

8 Aug

The taste of mom’s home cooking sure brings back fond childhood memories. Days that were carefree filled with watching afternoon cartoons after school. Then being yelled at for not doing my homework first before having free time. Then getting yelled at again for not studying after finishing my homework. That is all then followed by running away from the feared feather duster for getting that A- on that spelling test. You know what? That was not very fond memories after all. If I could now only block all of that out and just remember the home cooked meals, then that would be great.

Back to the topic, my mom decided to finally make some pot stickers from scratch this past weekend and lucky me got to help. After hours of slaving away folding each dumpling individually, the reward was amazing. Now I know the frozen pot stickers sold at the market are still quite good, but the filling in homemade ones are so much better. The meat taste and texture is different from the mass of indistinguishable stuff in the frozen stuff. If you stick to making less than 20 pot stickers then it should only be about 30 minuets worth of folding time, but that depends on how quick you are with your hands. If you need to make more, well perhaps it would be more efficient to stick with the frozen ones unless you have an extra set of hands. The finished products looks something like this: Continue reading

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