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Review: Korea House (Rowland Heights, CA)

5 Sep

Korea House (Rowland Heights, Ca) by Jennifer

menu sample

All you can eat Korean BBQ.  I believe that says it all.  For $20, you can get unlimited marinated beef, spicy pork, kalbi, shrimp, octopus, and squid!  Also, unlimited side dishes all you want.  This is one of the best group activities you can do with your friends and family.  If you don’t like squid or octopus, there are other choices you can choose that are cheaper.  See below for your reference for “A” and “B”.

Shrimp, Beef and Pork

What my friends haven chosen last night was “D”.

As always when I go get Korean bbq, I like to designate only 1 to 2 people to cook the meal for us.  There are less mess and not too many people in the way to just throw things on the grill.

Spicy tofu soup and steamed egg

The below picture, we had a 2 sides of tofu soup and 2 egg in the pot.  Since it was cold last night and it rained for a bit, the soup was very refreshing!  It warmed my belly up.

meat on the grill

Up next on our little grill, we decided to order a dish of octopus.  This was probably the hardest thing you can cook.  You can never tell when it’s cooked right by the firmness.  It was also the hardest one to eat, not much flavor, but it was interesting.  The only fun part to watch was to see the octopus opening and curling like a ball.

But of course, for every bbq, you must need a drink.  Hite is a Korean version of a Bud Lite, but better and a little bit more bite.  If you also like Kirin or Sapporo, Japanese beers, then you will like Hite.  They are equivalent to each other in taste.  I’m also pretty sure they cost about the same or a little cheaper.  So our little party of 12 has ordered 4 bottles of 1 liter Hite.  Now, I’m not going to lie, once that bottle is open, I will nurse it, like a baby with a milk bottle.

Overall, this place is not the best I have had Korean bbq.  I have had better, especially if you go to K-Town in downtown L.A, there will be tons of places to get all you can eat with better quality in meat.  In K-Town, most of the restaurants you’ll encounter have more selections with beers, wine, and soju cocktails!  But hey, that can be my next adventure after I rest from my food induced coma and lose about 10lbs.

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