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Japanese Inspired Root Vegetable Stew

5 Sep

Finally a Japanese inspired dish. With my father’s recent health condition, my whole family have been forced to look for different low carb and low fat meals. After weeks of boiled broccoli, I have finally had it. While I was flipping though the cookbooks for some inspiration, I came across a recipe for a daikon and chicken stew. Instead of chicken, I made a substitution with fish cakes and then added a few extra variety of root vegetables. The meal was quick and easy. If you can chop things roughly then boil them, then you can make this dish. Continue reading


Hummus: Healthy and Delicious in 5 minuets

31 Aug

Hummus a delicious healthy creamy spread that can be eaten so many ways. I have always been a huge fan of hummus, but have never tried making my own until now. If you have never been tempted to try hummus before you should give it a try. This spread is made of mostly chick peas (or garbanzo beans if you prefer to call it) tahini (a sesame paste) and yogurt. Some recipes call for oil, but I rather omit that for a more fat free version.

Instead of dipping your veggie sticks into a tub of fatty ranch dressing try dipping it in hummus instead. You can use it in a sandwich in replace of mayo or in a wrap. Hummus can be used a dip for pretzels, crackers, tortilla chips, pita chips, pita bread, flat bread, and even sliced apples! Continue reading

Burger Alternative: So Rock Star minus the drugs and groupies

28 Aug

Burgers are amazing, especially the ones with that thick juicy patty stacked so high you barely bite into it. The only draw back from eating a burger like that is the feeling afterwards. You know that feeling like your heart stopped and you can feel the fats turning your blood into a fatty sludge. Now if only I can eat that satisfying burger without feeling like I just shortened my life span by 5 years. Well here is my solution, ground chicken burgers! No, it is not dry at all. I was watching the food network the other day and came across a chicken patty recipe from Guy Fieri. The idea was great so I decided to give it a try. I added some things and took out some others according to my own preference, but the results were still Delicious. This is what the finished products looks like Continue reading

Sugar substittutes the 411

21 Aug

My best friend’s fiance *cough man-servant cough* commented on my last post concerning the use of sugar substitutes. There has been a lot of concerns when it comes to using sugar alternatives with speculation that it could be a carcinogen. Although studies have not been conclusive about artificial sugars causing cancer, some people have developed reservation when it comes to those pink and blue packets of artificial sugar.

To start things off there are two major classes of sugar substitutes, artificial and natural. Artificial sugars like saccharin, sucralose and aspartame are chemically synthesized in the labs. Natural sugar substitutes like stevia are derived from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana.  Each type of sugar have its own pro and cons. Continue reading

Food when we have no time on the go

18 Aug

Everyone out there has probably reached for food in bar form at one time or another. It is hard to avoid when most of us live such busy hectic lives. Things can get out of hand when we rejoice for a day that we could have enough free time to actually get a full eight hours of sleep.  If we can hardly find time to sleep, how on earth are we going to find time to prepare three balance healthy meals a day?

One of the easiest quick meal options are those convenient food/energy/protein bars that are easily found in any food store. These bars are great as a grab and go breakfast, a quick snack during long work days, a snack before or after a workout or has a anytime sort of meal. They are compact, not easily perishable, easy to eat and most of the time tastes like a candy bar. If the convenience factor does not do it for you, these bars usually claim to do miracles things to your body like build muscle, burn fat, shed pounds, supply vitamin supplements and make you feel full for hours. Now before you run out and eat a dozen of these things, I regretfully have to say that most of the energy bars out there do not do any of the miraculous things listed above. In fact, most energy bars sold at your local market are no more than glorified candy bars adding extra fat calories to your diet and then leave you hungry a hour after. Flashy protein bars tend to be the most common type to false advertise.

Although there are a lot of not so healthy energy bars out there, not all of them are bad. So here is my breakdown of how to go about choosing a healthy energy bar. The first rule in choosing a healthy energy bar is to ignore any bar that advertises itself with words like max, pro, muscle, magnum, or other diet or muscle building gimmicks. Don’t get pulled in by that shiny metallic wrapper either. All the flashy colors are there to distract you from what is really important, the nutritional value and ingredients list. Ever wonder why they make the facts in such small print? They do not want you to know what kind of crap you are eating. Like any other girl out there I am easily pulled in by shiny things and anything that claims will help me lose weight. It was a lot of looking around and researching before I learned to consciously step away from that shiny label claiming the bar could help me lose five pounds in two weeks.

After taking the time to read the labels properly I have noticed several things. The first thing I noticed was the sugar content. The amount of sugar varies from most popular bars from five to over twenty grams of sugar per serving. A lot of them have a common source of sugar, high fructose corn syrup. Those that tend to range in the lower end usually have extra added sugar alcohols that do not have as much caloric value as sucrose or fructose but still acts at a sweetener. Although no serious side effects come from consuming sugar alcohol, excessive use can cause some bowel irritability in some people.  The second thing I noticed was the saturated fat content.  Most protein bars tend to have higher saturated fat content. The highest fat content goes to the bars that don’t resemble food in any way, but looks like an unrecognizable mass of fudge like thing. Over all, many of these bars are not going to be the death of you, but they are not healthy either.

So how do we find a bar that is healthy for us? Continue reading

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