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Cold Healthy Mango Treat

19 Aug

Summer is not summer with out some good cold ice cream. In fact ice cream is good all the time, but eating all the fat and sugar does not agree with my waistline. Sorbets are a good alternative to the classical ice cream with a lot less fat leaving us will close to little guilt after shoving two scoop fulls in our face. Even then, with the concerns with diabetes I have become hesitant with store bought varieties due to the added sugars in sorbet.

The combination of warm weather, sweet cravings and sugar paranoia I was inspired to make my own sorbet. It is mango season right now and mango sorbet is one of my all time favorite flavors. I wanted to make a mango sorbet with a slight twist by adding some basil and chardonnay. The results was this deliciousness. Continue reading

The Oven Double feature: Part 2

12 Aug

After have a food-gasum with the sweet and tangy ribs, I indulged in some Honey Lemon Lavender shortbread cookies in the after glow. Every great meal needs a sweet finish and these crunchy cookies are good after dinner with some vanilla ice cream, with your afternoon tea or really any time you want a sweet snack. These cookies are not the healthiest things to eat, but remember moderation is the key. We all deserve a good guilty treat every now and then. The brightness of the lemon and the floral sent of the lavender feels like a spring with it light and refreshing taste.  Continue reading

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