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We’re Alive, We Swear!

14 Dec

So some big things have been happening here at NWF which would explain our period of non-activity/silence. First, lil ole me (Nerf 1) got married to The Dude in October. Nerf 2 was my maid of honor (she was an AMAZING MoH) and Nerf 3 (Darlene) and Friend of Nerf (Jennifer) were my bridesmaids. I had 2 (count ’em, TWO) ceremonies and receptions, which drove me kind of crazy. It’s tough enough to plan one wedding, but it’s a whole ‘nother monster to plan two. We had a ceremony and reception in San Diego for a little over 100 people and then a tea ceremony and reception up in LA for about 250 people. Fun times, but I would not recommend this for the faint of heart and the short of patience.

Wedding cake from Extraordinary Desserts

Wedding cake from Extraordinary Desserts

Wedding pie from Julian Pie Company

Wedding pie from Julian Pie Company

Immediately after the two parties, The Dude and I hit up Fiji for our honeymoon! It was our first trip to Fiji and my first time out of the country (Rosarito back in college didn’t count since everyone spoke English and took American dollars). I had an amazing time and experienced a week in a world so different from the one I grew up in. We took a lot of pictures, so that post will be coming soon! I would highly recommend everyone to go to Fiji. It’s only a little more than Hawaii budget-wise, but worth the extra mile.

The sunrise from our villa's balcony

The sunrise from our villa’s balcony

While we were on our honeymoon, Nerf 3 (Darlene) moved with her Paul to Chicago. 😦  I have to admit, I was really sad that she was leaving since she’s my main cooking buddy. The good news is that she will continue to contribute to the NWF blog and tell us of her amazing adventures in the Windy City. Chicago is definitely a cool place to be if you like food. I’m looking forward to her posts on deep dish pizza, Chicago dogs, and the crazy weather there.

Thanksgiving came up quick, then I went with The Dude on his business trip to Seattle, WA. While The Dude was busy in meetings all day, I got to explore a lot of the city (in the rain) and what a great place it is! The air there is so crisp and it smells like winter and Christmas. I’ll have to admit, I kind of liked the rain. But I don’t know if I’d like it so much if it rained everyday for weeks and weeks. Once you’re in the city, it’s quite easy to get around and a lot of fun to explore. I went a bit Facebook Check-In crazy (sorry FB friends of mine) and that should help me retrace my steps and put words to my pictures.

At the Chihuly museum right under the Space Needle

At the Chihuly museum right under the Space Needle

So…keep an eye out for our new posts and thanks for still tuning in!

Home Made Apple *non-explicit* Pie

28 Apr

Wow it has been a while since my last contribution. In celebration of my near perfect score on my Mycology exam I bring you Apple Pie. Sweet warm oral comfort… wait that sounds wrong. Scratch that last bit. Although this apple pie may induce a foodgasm, it is good for all ages. Hope this recipe brings you as much comfort as it brought me. *Warning this recipe has not been rated*

Apple Pie

Pie Crust (double deep dish)

  • 290g flour
  • 2 Tbs Sugar
  • 1 Tsp salt
  • 200 g ( 1 cup) shortening (cubed and frozen)
  • ¼ C ice water

Apple Filling

  • 6 Cups apples (about 8 small apples)
  • ½ C sugar
  • ¼ C Brown sugar
  • 2 Tbs flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg


  • 1 egg yolk beaten
  • 1 tsp sugar

*optional: raisins (1/4 cup)

Instructions: Continue reading

1st Post in the Booze Corner: Bar * Food

4 Sep

This is the first post to the new section in Nerds With Food from a good friend that has hobbies that include drinking around town. Here in Booze Corner, we will feature spots in LA that serves good drinks and great bar food. Thanks Jennifer for writing this piece for us.

Bar Food: By Jennifer (friend of Nerfs)

Recently, I have bought a Groupon for Bar Food in Los Angeles.   The restaurant does not open until 5pm when happy hour starts.  My sister and I have decided to go during happy hour just to enjoy cheaper beer and appetizers before we order our main entrees.  (I know, I know, beer is my kryptonite.) We have gone on a Thursday, and the place is not crowded at all.

Happy hour price for beer is limited to their house blends only.  Their house beers are $3.50; Bar Honey Blonde, Bar Amber, and Bar Pale Ale.  I have never been to happy hour in a long time that has such great price on beer.  I have told myself that I would not drink so much because the Groupon does not cover happy hour prices, but it’s hard to resist.  The honey blonde tastes so good it leaves a nice honey flavor that lingers on your taste buds.  (Yes Allison, it would taste better if there was a honey blonde with a six pack abs.)For appetizers, we ordered sweet frites (sweet potato fries with spicy aioli sauce) to go with the honey blonde.  The sweet frites was not too fried, and the aioli sauce is alright, probably just stick with ketchup.  FYI, if you go to Bar Food for happy hour and do not want to get any entrees, they give out free hot dogs, 1 per person.

So for the main course, I ordered the Da’s Fish and Chips (15.50).  3 lightly battered cod fish and a tower of potatoes with black pepper seasoning.To pair off my fish and chips, I had the pale ale.  It wasn’t anything special, but it did pair well with the fish.  The amber may had pair it just as well, but the reasoning, light drinks goes well with light food.  I must say, the last time I had such a great fish and chips was at Lucky’s, but Bar Food had moved up the ladder for me.

Now, for one of the most delicious food they have is the Shepherd’s Pie.

The last time I had a shepherds pie (14.50), it was at Stone Brewery, but hands down, Bar Food won me over.  Grounded lamb, chunks of carrots, peas, and mash potatoes on top.  My sister ordered the amber to go with this dish, and it definitely paired really well.  I was stuffed on my fish and chips, but I saved enough room to finish the rest of the pie.  I even ordered my own amber to get that nice crisp taste.

Dining experience, 9/10, food 8/10, and drinks 7/10.  Would I come back to this restaurant?  Yes.

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