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See you in 36 hours!

13 Mar

There was a bit of reading comprehension fail in the kitchen just recently. It probably didn’t help that I was a little sleepy and hungry at the same time. I took my slab of pork belly and sliced the skin off when I clearly wasn’t supposed to, and then realized my mistake a little too late.

No matter! I trussed this skinless sucker up and popped it in a bag with yesterday’s marinade (which did NOT freeze. Take note of that, folks. It ain’t gonna freeze, so don’t even try) and sealed it with my FoodSaver. I have the V3240 model and am trying to get the hang of vacuum sealing a bag with liquids. Much cursing happened, but I managed to stop the vacuuming as soon as it was sucking up liquid. Double sealed that bag just in case, and into the sous vide it went at 155°F. I’m using the Sous Vide Supreme a friend gave us broken and we were able to fix.

I’ll update with the results after letting it cook for about 36 hours. Wish me luck!

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