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Fatty Delicious Premium Ice cream

21 Aug

Want to make ice cream that taste like you took it from a tub of Häagen-Dazs? Now you can! I took this recipe from Alton Brown on the food network. It turned out great. The texture is rich and velvety like a pint of 4 dollar ice cream. The recipe is for vanilla ice cream, but my family is not a fan of these Western flavors. Instead of vanilla we added durian. Yes durian, the tropical fruit that smells like death. For those of you who are not familiar with durian, this tropical fruit is the size of basketball with a very hard and spiked outer layer.  Inside are fist size pillow of fruit that has the consistency of a very ripe avocado, has a sweet buttery flavor, but the smell of death. The smell is definitely an acquired taste as it smell something like the odor additives in propane gas. The basic ice recipe can be changed to your flavor of choice, but this is for a basic vanilla. Continue reading

Cold Healthy Mango Treat

19 Aug

Summer is not summer with out some good cold ice cream. In fact ice cream is good all the time, but eating all the fat and sugar does not agree with my waistline. Sorbets are a good alternative to the classical ice cream with a lot less fat leaving us will close to little guilt after shoving two scoop fulls in our face. Even then, with the concerns with diabetes I have become hesitant with store bought varieties due to the added sugars in sorbet.

The combination of warm weather, sweet cravings and sugar paranoia I was inspired to make my own sorbet. It is mango season right now and mango sorbet is one of my all time favorite flavors. I wanted to make a mango sorbet with a slight twist by adding some basil and chardonnay. The results was this deliciousness. Continue reading

The oven double feature: Part 1

12 Aug

So it is Friday, I have no class and I got a glow evaluation from my instructor yesterday. I fee like celebrating and what better way to celebrate than with some food! For the main course we have a sweet tangy ribs. This stuff is amazingly tender, moist and will have your taste buds triggering the action potential of your neuron to send signals to your brain inducing a possible food-gasum. Yeah, its that good. These ribs take relatively little time. Unlike some recipes that call for hours in the oven these only take about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours of cook time. For optimal taste, I recommend getting these rib marinating for at least 12 hours. You can start the marinated early in the morning and cook them at night or start them the night before and cook them for lunch. Continue reading

Top me with that

1 Aug

So I was saddle with dinner duty the other night by my mother. Came home from a full day of work, study and exams to blistering heat and dinner duty was depressing. As soon as I walked through that door I was greeted without a hey or hello, but with “you are making dinner tonight, we have fish make something with it”.Thanks a lot *note the sarcasm*

I stared at that fish for a while hoping that I could make it spontaneously cook with my laser vision. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. In my last resort, I went through the refrigerator for inspiration. In my search, I found some mangoes and some strawberries that nobody seems to want to eat. With it and a few other things laying around, I came up with this: Continue reading

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