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Saute beet greens and roasted beets

30 Sep

Beets, the ugly cousin of chard, are sadly one of those vegetables that are nutritious but unpopular. Despite the unappealing red color that seems to stain everything else it comes in contact with red, I find beets to be a very delicious and healthy vegetable when done right. Most of the time we see beets are those that comes in a can and of in a salad bar. Those are usually pickled and like all pickled things there are a lot of extra salt and sugar added. Beets are naturally sweet and really do not need any extra sugar. In fact, sugar beets are often used in the production of table sugar. Yes, there is a lot of sugar in beets but they are still good for you. Beets contain betaine, a compound that studies have shown to help those with cardiovascular disease and prevent strokes.They are also high in folate which is important for your red blood cells.

When buying beets, choose the ones that have the greens still attached. Beet greens are edible too and has a similar taste to spinach when cooked. The beet roots should have a fairly smooth surface. Other than the regular red beetroot, there are other varieties like yellow beets that have a more earthy flavor but do not stain everything red.

During my farmer’s market buying spree I picked up some fresh red beets and cooked them two ways. The beet root was peeled sliced and roasted with rosemary and shallots. (don’t have a photo of the beets oops) The beet greens were sauteed with some garlic.

Saute Beet greens with garlic

These made great side dishes to our baked fish dinner. Although most of you are probably still not convinced beets are not evil, just give them a chance sometime.

For those who are brave enough to give it a try

Roasted Beets

2-3 beet roots

3 shallots

1 spring rosemary

1 tsp olive oil

pinch of salt

1. Cut off the beet green and set them aside for later. Wash the beets well, peel and slice them into 1/4 inch slices.

2. Clean and peel off outer skin of the shallots, cut them in half

3. Place the cut beets, shallots, spring of rosemary in a dish that won’t stain (metal or glass). Drizzle the olive oil and add the pinch of salt and toss to coat the beets evenly. Place the spring of rosemary on top and cover with aluminum foil.

4. Roast the beets at 425 degree Celsius for 45 min or until you can easily cut through them with a knife.

Saute beet greens

Greens from 3-4 beet roots

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

1. Wash the beet greens well to remove any dirt and cut them into 2 inch pieces

2. slice the garlic thinly and set aside

3. In a pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat.

4. Add garlic first and cook them until slighlty brown.

5. Add in the beet greens and cook for 3-4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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